Looks like a heart attack doesn’t it??

If you were born in Brooklyn or any of the surrounding boroughs for that matter, the name Roll-n-Roaster is something you grew up with, always loved, and always will love.  If you didn’t then you are missing out and I suggest run DO NOT walk to Sheepshead Bay as fast as you can!!  On the corner of Emmons & Nostrand Avenue stands one of the greatest contributions to my life (courtesy of my ex boyfriend). When he took me Roll-n-Roaster for the first time he told me to order the roast beef sandwich with cheese, fries with cheese (ps everything can come with cheese if your heart desires) and then we topped it all off with a chocolate milkshake, hands down the best milkshake I have ever had.  It may have been one of the fattest moments in my life but well worth every calorie!!

Often rivaled by the roast beef sandwiches at Brennan & Carr, my vote always has and always will be for the Roaster.  The decor is outdated like a scene from a bad ‘70s porn and this used to be one of the joints where the waitresses served food on roller skates (hence the name Roll-n-Roaster) but there is something about it that makes you feel at home even if it’s your first time there.  So again don’t let appearances fool you and go have one of the best meals of your life!!

FUN FACT: They even have a fine wine selection to go with your greasy sandwiches and cheese fries.  Not typically seen at establishment of this stature, but if they’ve got it why the hell not?!

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