(Green Rum) at Netto Bar. This place has been around since 1954an d may be one of the most comical places I’ve ever been (unintentionally of course). The bar shows its age with an overload of memorabilia that adorns the walls, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. The hundreds of worn pictures and t-shirts representing past visitors makes you feel like you’re a part of something. Something bigger than an island dive bar, but unpretentious in its presentation. You feel like you’re a part of history in some weird way. The bartender (shown below) isn’t Mr. Personality and an older woman in the corner seemed to get less and less amused as the shots continuedthat of course did not stop me from talking to her. The Ròm Bèrdè tastes like NyQuil but ultimately did the trick and can be crossed off the list of things I’ve tried in my life. On my next trip to Curaçao I’ll be sure to visit Netto Bar and my new best friend in the corner. I highly recommend you do the same…Enjoy!!

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